• Powerline Internet in your area.

    Powerline internet is usually thought as an outdated technology. However, what people are missing is that it is not meant to be used as a solo broadband technology. Rather, it is used to supplement an existing Wi-Fi connection. The problem that most people have when they are using Ethernet cables is that they need to reach the modem. If you have electronics in the living room and then others in the bedrooms, it would be too complicated to wire them across the hallway. What you do is purchase a powerline plugin set of two. The two plugins will detect each other and you will not need any complicated installation. 

    Powerline uses the home's existing electrical wiring as the wired data network to transfer broadband. It is a simple and reliable technology. 

  • Powerline Internet Benefits:

    • Powerline is used as a bridging technology to supplement areas where you would have a poorer connection using your home network. 
    • Can be used to connect old devices that are not configured or do not have the proper hardware to receive internet. 
    • Powerline technology transmit broadband through copper cable wiring which means that it is more secure. It cannot be hacked or suffer misappropriate use from outside. 
  • Powerline Internet Limitations:

    • Since powerline internet connection is dependent on the home wiring, people who have older homes might not be able to access the full potential of the connectivitiy. 
    • The Powerline adapter needs to plugged directly into the outlet. If it is plugged into a surge strip, the data stream will be interrupted, and the device will not work. Considering the size of the adapter, it will also be taking up the whole outlet. 
    • They can only connect one wired device per adapter. They will cost between $50 to $100. It might be a better bet to use another option.